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ST Vincents School St.Vincent’s Convent Schoolwas established in 1979 under the leadership of Rev.Fr. Cheriyan Kariyankal CM.,and Rev.Sr.Ann Muttathil DC.It is a Catholic coeduc-ational Institution …

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I Have a Dream to Share The winds of education reform are beginning to stir once again. Our collective conscience is being nudged. And there’s …

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News & Events

  • Onam Celebration on 09.09.16

  • Onam Holidays Begins from 10.09.16 to 18.09.16

  • School Reopen for II Term on 19.09.16

  • Patron's Day & Teachers Day Celebration on 27.09.16 (Colour Dress)

  • Drawing Competition (2.15-3.30) on 30.09.16

“Always have a positive look. Never lose heart. Think always that there is someone to help you and to appreciate you. Be happy and make others happy.One should try to help others to the maximum extent for his or her own growth and the happiness and development of others.The more you help, the happier you become.”