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St Vincent's ICSE School | St Vincent's ICSE School Website

They realize their dreams when their wards perform – make them feel school is their second home. Dedication and hard work – Achieving success is simple – end of the day – it’s well worth the trouble! [table id=3 /]

News And Events

  • Welcome to our site

    We are launching our site on 20th January 2012

  • Principal's Message

    Hai, parents, students, well wishers and friends, after a long time we have launched the website for our school with your co-operation.

  • K.K. Janardhanan Sobhna Scholarship

    Instituted in 2007 by Mr. Ajay Kumar, Chennai, as a gratitude to his beloved parents, Mr. K. K. Janardhanan and Mrs. Sobhna, for their contribution in his growth and career.

  • M. Rasaiah Scholarship

    Instituted in 2007 by Mr. R. Antony Francis, Chennai, in loving memory of his father, Mr. M. Rasaiah.

  • Christabel Naancy Scholarship

    Instituted in 2008 by Mr. Gnanapragasam, Chennai,in his daughter Miss Christabel Naancy's name.

  • Syllabus

    The school follows the curriculum and syllabus of the ICSE Board, Delhi, for the UP and High School sections and State Board of Kerala for the LP section.